Evacuation Drills


Drills should be conducted to simulate fire conditions and to test fire procedures. The purpose and the objectives of any fire evacuation drill include:

  • To identify any weaknesses in the evacuation strategy;
  • To test the procedure following any recent alteration or changes to working practices;
  • To familiarise new occupants with procedures;
  • To test the arrangements for disabled people;
  • To identify weaknesses in emergency communications procedures and systems;
  • To identifying positive and negative reactions of staff with designated responsibilities such as Fire Evacuation Marshals (FEMs)

All staff should be conversant with the premises evacuation procedures and take part in fire evacuation drills at least once and preferably twice per year.

Integrity can offer a service which will conduct the whole process for you with minimum disruption, and will be observed and timed by a member of our compliance team. We will then be able to give you advice on how to improve the evacuation procedure and will complete a post-evacuation report highlighting any actions deemed necessary or improvements that maybe required.